Google AdSense Rolls Back "Allowed Sites" Feature

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Tuesday we reported on a new feature at Google AdSense named "Allowed Sites."

That feature was then soon removed from publisher's AdSense consoles without warning.

Finally, AdSenseAdvisor chimed in at WebmasterWorld about the issue.

Sorry for the delayed update - I've been trying to find out as much as I could about this situation in order to make sure I passed along accurate information to all of you.

We're very happy you're all so excited about the new Allowed Sites feature. Unfortunately, we had to temporarily roll back its release, but expect to see it in your accounts again soon. We hope that it helps alleviate many of the concerns publishers have had about code theft and click sabotage.

In the meantime, our engineers have confirmed that we deactivated any settings you made yesterday, so your ads will continue to monetize as normal on all sites.

Again, we're sorry for the inconvenience and confusion, and appreciate your patience.

At this current time, the feature is still not live. But as AdSenseAdvisor said, it should be back soon. Any of the settings you put in place on Tuesday, will probably not be applied in the future or even currently. So pretend Google did not release this feature and wait for it to be released in the near future.

Forum discussion continued at WebmasterWorld.

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