Weekly Search Buzz Roundup - 06/22/07: SES Latino, Google Phone, Live.com & Google Updates

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search-buzz-roundup.gifWell, it's summer up here -- the longest day of the year was yesterday, and thus, this was the longest week of the year (or it felt like it!) However, this week, we had some good coverage of SES Latino and there have been some interesting stories in search.

SES Latino: A Big Hit

As you know, we had Dave Rohrer, Carolyn Shelby, and Li Evans cover some great sessions at SES Latino, which was held earlier this week in Miami. Again, if you missed the coverage, feel free to check it out:

Thanks again to cshel, Dave, and Li, for your excellent recaps!

We're already preparing for SES San Jose which is to be held on August 20-23. I hope to see you there. And Matt McGee, just relax and chill with us in the front row. However, you have to let me do the blogging. Thanks :)

Google Buffy Update

Earlier this month, Google pushed out a new update. Then, Vanessa Fox announced that she was leaving Google. Since she loves Buffy, Google pushed out its June update in honor of her favorite character. In actuality, it's the Vanessa update.

On a similar note, there are reports that an MSN Live update is occurring now. People are noticing "wild mood swings" in rankings.

Father's Day 2007

On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day. As you know, we like to dress up the forums for the special occasion. We've posted a list of search engine Father's Day themes (and ours, too, of course). Expect more wild and crazy designs for some very strange upcoming holidays. :)

Goodbye, Terry Semel

Earlier this week, news broke that Terry Semel has left his position as CEO of Yahoo. His successor is Jerry Yang, one of the company's co-founders. The big question is how this will affect us and if we'll see any new changes. There's been some wild speculation, but what are your thoughts?

eBay vs. Google: How Much Did they Lose?

At the eBay event in Boston last week, Google and eBay ran into some competition with each other. Google crashed a party, and eBay crashed Google ads. How much do you think was lost? A lot. eBay was rumored to be paying Google $26 million monthly, or $312 million annually. I think the fun is over now. You both need each other. Let's be friends and make amends.

Google Phone?!

The much anticipated Google phone is here... or is it? That's what we want to know. The image itself is not that appealing, in my humble opinion. So far, our poll results echo the doubts on DigitalPoint. Most people think that it's not real.

Microsoft adCenter

It's been a big week of news for Microsoft adCenter. This week, the adCenter team clarified its position on trademark bidding. Tomorrow, June 23, Microsoft adCenter will be performing an update to its system that will add more people to the content network and also support negative keywords at the campaign level.


This week, an unidentified SEO bid on a bunch of keywords for Mahalo, the search engine launched by Jason Calacanis. Jason spoke with Michael Gray about his product and Michael offered his most candid opinion. Check it out if you're interested.

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