Targeting Spanish/Portuguese Search Ads by Demographics & Behavior

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This session at Search Engine Strategies Latino 2007 has been covered by Dave Rohrer.

Moderator: Nacho Hernandez


Matias Perel, Founder and CEO, Latin3 Brad Geddes, Director of Search, Johnathan Mendez, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, OTTO Digital Alexanre Kavinski, CEO, Hotlist Web Marketing Eduardo Llach, CRO, CMO and Founder, SearchRev


Laying the basics for PPC and targeting locals

Language Barrier - Most common forms of Spanish language targeting o English website, wishing to target Spanish speakers who know English

Many possible configurations of keyword, ad copy, and landing page

Where do Hispanics click stud - While traditionally Spanish-language advertising was used to reach Hispanics, new data indicate second and third generation Hispanics tend to favor English – HispanTelligence

Recent Google data suggests: - users who consider Spanish their primary language are much more likely to search in English - bilingual Hispanics who consider Spanish their primary language also tend (to to 1 ratio) to click on English ads.

Google Adwords options

- language settings – under campaign settings - keyword and and copy use – no restrictions as to the language of the keywords, no restrictions as to the langue of the ads, no restrictions of mixing and matching keyword and ad languages - restrictions – none. Be creative - Cautions – Quality Score: when using keywords and landing pages in two different languages, your quality score can suffer.

Yahoo - keywords – allows English or Spanish - ad copy – allows English or Spanish ad copy

MSN - language – does not support Spanish or Portuguese - new options under development

Geographic Targeting - Most common location targeting options.

Country Targeting - Google – can use one account to target multiple countries - MSN – can use one account to target multiple countries - Yahoo – one account per country, through 2007 – transition of international accounts into panama interface

Common Best Practice - max of one country per campaign, allows to see stats at least the country level.

What is regional targeting? - display your ad to only a specific geographic area

Hispanic Target Markets

Top 10 markets – LA, NY, Chicago, Miami, Houston, DFW

Reaching a Local audience – GEO targeting vs. IP targeting

Types of geographic keywords - state - state abbreviation - cities - neighborhoods - zip codes - area codes - counties - airport codes - regional lingo

Reaching y our target audience - location – determine your target marker’s location - language - inventory – choose your desired ppc campaign

Johnathan Mendez Shows amusing slide where he searched for “Latin America”.

Relevance - Segmentation – divide your audience - Targeting – Source: google, yahoo. Behavior – keyword and click - Re-Targeting – visited before

Targeting ads to user intentions

Retirement Adgroup 1. retirement savings 2. retirement account 3. retirement information – actually the user is considering 4. retirement planning – actually the user is considering

Notice the stage the user is in the buying cycle.

Segmentation - Behavior – new/returning, click path, referrer – ppc, direct, affiliate, environment – country, ip, browser, temporal – time, day, season

Google has the host language in the URL. Hl=es is where hl is the host language.

Case study - 30k visitors - traffic split - over 95% confidence level on results - A/B test - Musicians Friend was the site

All they did was change the top ad banner from English to Spanish.

163% more users engaged with the Spanish language then the English. 47% more users that were displayed the Spanish tile/banner 7% more revenue per visitor

Targeting works - segment, target, validate, improve performance

Alexanre Kavinski

Traditional Marketing Planning based on behavior and demographics. Search Engine Marketing Focuses on “intention marketing”

Brazilian Online User 33.3 million web users – shows map breaking out the content

Factors that can effect traffic: Holidays and Commercial Dates Climate

Yahoo - doesn’t have geo targeting and is unsure when they will.

Adcenter – no adcenter in Brazil.

Rich Targeting - improve ROI - set an abroad marketing strategy - learn about your customers - information to refine your campaign

Matias Perel

Languages used by Latin Americans and US Hispanics Behavior, Interest & Attitude - Consumer insights -> ad texts, landing pages, keywords - Traditional campaign management o Do like you always have, but add more in o Add targeting for interest, attitudes and behavior o Improve relevance and decreased CPC - 15 month campaign and results have continued to be great. o CPC down 31% o CTR up 56% Targeting US Hispanics - when running a campaign for US Hispanics you should consider reaching your audience keeping in mind 3 main variables - Experiment o 3 different concepts, 2 groups of keywords (Spanish and English), 2 Ad text samples o Best CTR came from Spanish text and Spanish keywords o Spanish keywords also had a lower CPC

Speak their language, its cheaper and you’ll get better results.

Eduardo Llach

Variables in Optimization -

Traditional criteria - keywords + language - ad copy - The landing page – how well it converts clicks to action - what the ad says - the search network they are search on Google, Yahoo, etc

Creative Optimization - each keyword and creative combination will perform differently - create very specific ad groups, small sets of keywords

Slide shows content and search split – content ads had a CPO of $77 versus $51 for Search.

Geo Targeting - works using the ip addy - country mapping is very accurate - state mapping is 50% accurate - city mapping is 30% accurate

Nationwide vs Top 10 metro areas - similar ctr and cpc, but much higher conversion rate (2.1 vs .05) - CPO for metro was $9 vs $45 for nationwide

Day Parting - it pays to test it. Depending on the day the conversion rates will be in flux. Example had high conversion on weekends and low on weekdays

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