Search Landscapes: US Hispanics and Latin Americans

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The following liveblog comes from Dave Rohrer.

Landscape & Tactics Track Search Landscape: US Hispanics & Latin Americans How do Latino searchers in both the U.S. and Latin America interact with search engines? Do they have a preference in language when they search, as well as the search ads if written in Spanish or English? What about Portuguese speakers from Brazil? To fully engage these audiences in the learning process, particular attention should be given to gaining and maintaining trust. Greater acceptance will occur by search marketers if they are involved in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of these marketing efforts. This session explores the latest research and provides tips and tactics for search marketers to consider. Moderator:

* Nacho Hernandez, Founder and CEO, iHispanic Marketing Group


* Marcelo Sant'Iago, Director, Business Development, MídiaClick - Performance Marketing * William Alvarez, Marketing Manager & Team Leader, Torrenegra Internet Solutions * Martín Maslo, Founder & CEO, Resultics * Gustavo Ross, Interactivist & Founder, Activ@Mente

Nacho Hernandez, Founder and CEO, iHispanic Marketing Group

Nacho: This is more tactical then the last session. This is more about what you can do to take more advantage of things.

William Alvarez – Marketing Manager & Team Leader, Torrenegra Internet Solutions

Based in NY offering web solutions.

How to reach your target without wasting money while targeting the Latin market.

5 Different Segments

- Spanish only - Spanish dominant * % 21 of US Hispanics are in the first 2 - Bilingual * 28% of US Hispanics fall here - English dominant - English only

Spanish Preferred Segment

SEO Pros: capitalizes local markets with lack of content in Spanish Cons: internationally competing web sites (Spain and Latin America)

PPC Pros: possible solution if you want to market on Spanish keywords without having a translated web site Cons: AdCenter targeting capabilities limitations (e.g. Geotargeting)

Some US portals: Univision, Yahoo, Terra, Google

Bilingual Segment

SEO Pros: your message is guaranteed, it will always reach your target. Increases opportunities. Cons: requires an additional budget to maintain the same content offering to the market

PPC: Pros sounds familiar, engages the target by using a common languages Cons: mistreats the language and it might sound not-professional depending upon the main target. Ways to match segments

Shows ranking for “three milk cake” in English and Spanish for each of the translations.

English Preferred Segment

SEO Pros:? Cons: ?

PPC Pros: Seasonality. Each Hispanic group has its own set of values and traditions and we can take advantage of this to engage them. Cons: *took slide down*

Acculturation models - It all depends on each particular situation. Each group celebrates their own holidays and events at different times. This is a way to segment a group from others.

Stats Advertising to Hispanics in Spanish is significantly more effective then advertising to Hispanics in English.

Shows some stats from a study in 2006 and some stats from AOL.

AOL - 68% in 2006, 51% in 2004. Internet is best source to make final brand decision for most online Hispanics. - More then 77% of online Hispanics use the internet to learn about brands of products. 59% in 2004

Marcelo Sant’lago, Director, Business Development, MidiaClick – Performance Marketing

Opening remarks – apologizes for Latin accent. Hopes that in the next few years the conference will be in Portuguese and Spanish and translated in English.

Shows a photo of Orkut – a Turkish engineer who works for Google

Orkut – is THE social network in Brazil. 60MM+ unique users a month, 200MM+ page views a day

About – Prime demographic distribution Targeting – contextual, site and placement targeting. Regional/local targeting Ad Formats – Text-base ads for contextual targeting. Display for site targeting

CGM is great – Blogger, Yahoo Answers, YouTube, Orkut Brazil is #2 in the world for internet use on You Tube, Yahoo Answers.

Photo of Chris Anderson – Long Tail

Long Tail and online advertising industry in Brazil Fortune 500 use CPM Banners, RichMedia, and Video for the “best sellers” SMEs use CPC/CPA banners, Paid Search, SEO for the long tail search terms

$176 million market – just over 2% of entire advertising pie. 113 million users, which is larger then many countries in Latin America Brazil does not speak Spanish, but speaks Portuguese Net Ratings show that 80% of Brazil users do a search everyday

Photo of John Battelle “the database of intentions”

Think Reverse Conversion then Budget

Budget -> Visits -> Leads -> Conversion

Leads to Conversion = CPA Visits to Leads = CPL Budget to Visits = Average CPC

Strategy: Keyword Matrix Slide shows Neutral, Worst, Still need improvement, Best keywords. Shows which keywords are producing the most for you.

Personal Mantra: “Test, Learn, Evolve.”

Metrics to use: Impressions, clicks, click-through, Visits, Conversions, ROI

US is very metric based, Brazil doesn’t measure anything. Be sure to use a web analytics tool and measure. Free, expensive, just use something.

Success Case: Editora Abril

Objective: Selling magazine subscriptions Media channels: uses CPC and display 1st sponsored links campaign to win ABEMD Award

Martin Maslo – Founder & CEO, Resultics

Nacho: Tells everyone to read his white paper. Martin put together the most important voices of Latin America.

Brings up that he would love to present in his own language, and looks forward to the day when he can.

Advertisers Spending Budgets What can you buy with a dollar in Latin America?

Slide shows a list of flags and items that you can get for a dollar. Ex: you can feed a family in Argentina.

$1 = SEM Advertising. Shows CPC lists

Real Estate = $2.42, bienes raices = $.42 Credit card = $9.49, tarjeta de credito = $.90

Agencies can….. leverage display campaigns with search marketing using small extra budget……. Use smartly contextual networks and site targeting to reach large audiences at low costs.

Advertisers can….. be first movers can take over generic terms at low costs…. SMBs can compete head to head with large companies…… going Global with local products and services.

There are a lot of terms that small advertisers can get now, if you start now.

Few Local Players Yahoo,, La Nacion, Prodigy, MSN, Terra, Es Mas, ClarinX Not a lot of heavy traffic portals. CPM has risen, visibility has reduced. The opportunity then appears: SEM.

SEM -> vertical networks, content networks, site targeting/direct responses -> traditional CPM display ads

Instead of complementing display ads with SEM…. Complement SEM with display ads.

Communication - email - instant messenger – 32% of IM users use VoIP - Blogs, 42% of users have a personal page, blog or are registered in a social network. 36% share photos.

50% of users have already purchased a service or product online. 60% of users purchase at traditional channels after doing some research on the web

Each area has a local opportunity. Different methods work better in different areas. Look for low CPC’s in one country compared to others.

Think locally specifically design your campaigns for the local market.

Dealing with our new customer: The Sales Manager instead of the Marketing Manager. - shares passion for results - measure the way the agency will be measured - understands new SEM opportunity with no pre concepts - breaks a traditional cycle - understands that search marketing is not a glamorous way of advertisement but it is indeed a romantic approach for getting things done!!

Remember: by the end of the day, success will be measured, as in any other industry, in results.

Gustavo Ross – President & Co-Founder, Activ@Mente

Agrees about the English/Spanish translation that the other speakers have mentioned.

The Consumer(1.0) – couch potato The Consumer(2.0) – wants when they want and actively seek it out

New brand <> consumer relationships

Past the brand communicated out, now it’s a give and take on demand when the consumer wants too. Past = communication, Present = interaction

Long Tail of Content - Graph shows the big portals ranging down to smaller portals and verticals. - Ranges from Massive to Niche to User Generated (smallest players) - Shows how getting to the consumer it has gotten more difficult

Search in the Interactive Marketing Strategy - Understand its tactical role(s) * Tactical Roles -- Direct response/ customer acquisition. CPC are easily measured. This is the easiest way to use search and the most primitive. -- Brand building/awareness generation. Don’t have to have a clear call to action as you do with direct response. Example: “remodelar” search has an ad comes up that just links to an information page. The company gets 80% of its business from the web now. -- Redirector/motivation catcher. Consumer is already motivated by other tactics. This is more for bigger brands who already are marketing. Search is the last link in the chain from the brand to the consumer. TV or radio drives a user and then does a search due to that promotion – search joins the consumer to the brand. Example: Duracell – has many channels and people are going online and searching for the promotion. The domain name is quite difficult and search helps the users find it. (Duracell and Fantastic 4 promotion). Old Spice example is similar. A non indexable site that uses Paid search to close the gap. -- Inverse/brand response. Consumer is seeking out a brand, how do you respond to their search? Example: Duracell. Offer a Brand finder on the site. Example: Gillette. A few months ago a search for Gillette was a “boycott Gillette” that ranked #2. - Be relevant – know your consumer and what they are asking * Use internal search engine to see what visitors are searching for. Are you responding to what they are searching for? -- Are you looking at which keywords your visitors used to come to your site? -- Are you allowing them to use natural language? -- What are they looking for? What are they finding? -- Use the data to answer their questions. -- Use the Funnel!!

Search in the Interactive Marketing Strategy - Understand which role search is playing in your strategy - Listen to your consumer - Optimize your investment


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