Webmasters Frustrated Over Forced Upgrade of AdSense Accounts to Google Accounts

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On May 3rd, I first covered the details about Google's intention to migrate AdSense accounts to a Google account login. It appears that this is being rolled out to more and more subscribers, and the frustration is mounting for WebmasterWorld members who are encountering this "upgrade" since it isn't working right.

Just got presented with a screen saying I had to convert my existing account details to a Google account or a Gmail account etc.

Went through the motions and changed all my login details only to find my old details still apply.

Some members just want a single account where they can manage everything. I feel that; I lost track of which of my accounts corresponds to which service. One member's frustration is heard loudly as he emphasizes his dissatisfaction with the account migration: "I do NOT want 20 ... google accounts. I only want ONE account."

Even martinibuster, forum moderator, feels the same way:

I feel myself melting into a Kafkaesque bureaucratic mess
Why, why, why?... This is senseless and pointless. I want it to go away and let me return to the happy login experience I used to have.

Then there's the group of users whose services only partially migrated. Then again, this might be how it's supposed to be.

I think my account is screwed now. Had to change to another account, but half my services seem to have been left on the old one (blogger, web analytics, webmaster tools etc), and only adsense seems to have moved :(

So, what gives?

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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