Google's Google Bomb Algorithm Is Not a Live Algorithm

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There are some aspects to Google's algorithm that are run at the press of the Google search button. Yet, there are other's that are not. The 'Google Bomb' prevention algorithm, an algorithm used to help prevent the ranking of sites for keywords that are caused by Bloggers and other sites, linking to a specific page on the internet, is an algorithm that seems to be run manually.

In Danny's Google Says Stephen Colbert Is No Longer The Greatest Living American, Matt Cutts commented saying;

Here's what I said over at digg: "it's not a manual change; it's just a fresh push of our Googlebomb data. The algorithm doesn't run every day."

Not that you need me to stop by, since Adam and Vanessa have already weighed in. :)

In quotes from Adam Lasnik and Vanessa Fox of Google in Danny's article, they both say that this was due to a "tune" in the algorithm. But Matt Cutts said that the algorithm isn't runa ll the time. So which is it? It is both? Do they push this algorithm weekly, monthly, or manually? If an algorithm is pushed manually, is that a manual change or an algorithmic change?

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