Short Descriptions Coming To Yahoo! Search Marketing Wednesday


If you have missed the announcement over a month ago, then here it is again. Yahoo! Search Marketing is switching the length of the description field for your ads. Your description will be shortened for you on May 16th, Wednesday, if you do not do it yourself. So it is important to go in and make sure your descriptions make sense after being cut down from 190 characters to the 70 character requirement.

YahooPete has posted the details in various forums including Search Engine Watch Forums, DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

Just a reminder here that as part of a rolling launch, we will soon require short descriptions for ALL new or modified Sponsored Search ads. These changes could be seen as early as 5/16/07. Keep in mind that if a short description is not provided by the end of June 2007, we will automatically cut off your ad description at the nearest complete word, followed by an ellipsis, when it is displayed on Yahoo!. This may impact your ad quality and, potentially, your position in search results.

Points to keep in mind: - Titles will continue to have a maximum of 40 characters. - Short descriptions are required when creating or modifying an ad. Short descriptions must consist of 70 characters or less. - Display URLs must be 35 characters or less.

The change is not huge but it can be significant, here is a visualization of the change.

Yahoo Changing Ad Description Lengths

For more information on how to change your ads see the Yahoo Help section.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums, DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld

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