Can A Premium Google AdSense Publisher Get Banned?

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A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks a simple question. Can a premium AdSense publisher get banned?

The simple answer is yes, a premium AdSense publisher can be banned. Yes, there is a "but".

First, a premium AdSense publisher is explained at

I am a premium AdSense publisher so I can almost talk from experience.

Premium AdSense publishers get their own AdSense reps. I have slipped up in the past, and I have done things that are wrong or against the AdSense TOS. Was I banned? No.

I got warnings, personalized warnings, from my representative that I was doing something wrong. They did not ever threaten to ban me. They did remove the ads from the pages that were in violation (individual pages only, never site-wide bans). As soon as I fixed the problem, the ads were live again.

So yes, premium AdSense publishers can get banned, I assume, but it takes a lot more to get them banned then a normal publisher.

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