Should You Block Well Paying AdWords Squatters From Your Site?

Mar 9, 2007 • 8:03 am | comments (1) by | Filed Under Google AdSense

An interesting WebmasterWorld thread asks if he should block this "AdWords Squatter" who has been using up all the blocks of his AdSense ads on his site. He said that he currently outbids all other advertisers but he does not like how the advertiser runs his business.

I have this squatter. He buys the entire ad block, so I'm getting just one ad shown at a time, he is there almost constantly...

This guy has outbid every other company normally bidding for that keyword.

I find him objectionable. He is the 180 flip of my idea of ecommerce the opposite of my motto. The site has practices I personally find questionable, though from what I can tell, not illegal or unethical, according to the majority.

We are all in this for the money, and you know, I spent an entire night researching him, looking for any concrete reason to block his ad. Had I found even one, he would be gone, and I would not be posting here. So, I'm saying now, this is about the money. Just the money.

Interesting dilemma! Personally, I would block him, but that is me.

There is a great forum thread discussing it. Does this impact CTR of the ad? Does it make you, as the publisher, look bad? All these types of questions....

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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