Best Way To Contact Google?

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Simple questions, deserve simple answers, don't they? What is the best way to contact someone at Google?

Well, that may look like a simple question, but trust me, it is not. Getting in touch with someone at Google to help you with a problem you might have on your site, is typically not easy for the average webmaster. So here are some tips I read or know about based on what I have seen over the years.

Oh, trust me, it is getting much easier to communicate with Google and the other search engines.

Best Way To Contact Google:

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Help at Google Groups and call out Adam Lasnik's name (kidding on Adam's name, but Googlers are always responding and reading these posts, title your posts effectively, so the proper Googler can read it)
  2. Sign up at Webmaster Central and use the forms there to contact Google (they will trust you more)
  3. Come to a search conference and speak to a search rep, often it is better to talk to a less well known search rep, they are more likely to be frank with you and they may have less on their plate
  4. Post a question at WebmasterWorld or Search Engine Watch Forums or sometimes DigitalPoint Forums
  5. Become friends with someone who is already in contact with search reps
  6. Try emailing Google (but that may get you no where)
  7. Have Google send you aspirin with a great blog post
  8. Get slashdotted and have Matt Cutts react
  9. Sue Google over anti-trust allegations and ask for their secret sauce like Kinderstart has done in the past
  10. Pray to the Google Pray tag

Those are the ideas off the top of my head. I think they are in order of what might work best.

Good luck in your pursuit to contact Google!

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