Yahoo! Says They Love Canadians


Just after we learned that Canadians Not Welcome in Google Advertising Professionals Program we see that Yahoo! has taken this time to let us know, in a Google thread that they love Canadians.

Martin Byrne the Director of Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada said;

I've just moved to Yahoo Canada from Sympatico/MSN, specifically to launch an in country management and operations team for Yahoo! Search Marketing. We will launch in Canada soon (just can’t say exactly when right now), Canadian businesses will be able to advertise to Canadians with us, we will have a Canadian email address and we will have a Canadian phone number that will be answered by a Canadian.

What is weird about this is that you never ever see this. Someone from Yahoo!, coming into a Google thread, saying, hey guys we are better than Google.

In any event, we do have a lot of past Canadian specific SEM content at SES Toronto 2006 and SES Toronto 2005.

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