Microsoft Behavioral Targeting :: Where Is It?

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Yesterday, I reported at the SEW Blog that Microsoft Adds Behavioral Targeting Features To adCenter;

MediaPost reports that Microsoft has added behavioral targeting features to the adCenter product. Microsoft has broken down Internet surfers into 18 audience segments including; mobile users, Internet power users, gamers, movie watchers, new/expecting moms, parents, and several categories encompassing travel searchers, and auto buyers and researchers. This now helps Microsoft stand apart from Google's AdWords product and Yahoo's Search Marketing product, PPC engines that currently do not have integrated behavioral targeting capabilities.

There is barely zero buzz about this in the forums, go figure - a ground breaking feature in the PPC market and virtually no one is talking about it except for a starter thread at WebmasterWorld.

Hey! You are now able to say, I want to target those interested in travel with my travel ads, at this time during the week, for males between the age of 30 and 40, who earn between $50,000 and $115,000 per year. How much better can it get? They reportedly added the behavioral component, i.e. "those interested in travel" based on their web surfing behavior.

So where is it? I logged into my adCenter account and I cannot find the feature for the life of me. I did everything, started a new campaign, a new order, new keyword or ads - I even edited old ones. I cannot find the answer. Maybe that is why the buzz is low? Or is it because of all the adCenter bugs or maybe it is because they drive a fraction of the traffic Google does?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: Well, I didn't see it in adCenter because this story from MediaPost was a mistake. I got an email from MSN just a short white ago saying, "The incorrect information is that you state BT (Behavioral Targeting) is available through adCenter, our paid search platform, where as BT (Behavioral Targeting) is only available for display ads." So I take back everything I said. :)

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