Advanced Degrees in SEO: "Matrix-Style"

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The majority of successful people are so partially because they are constantly driven to learn. This can certainly be said for some practitioners of search engine optimization. Most of the arguable leaders in the field are in some way active in Forums or Blogs - not just to show off their knowledge but also to learn from participants with a wide ranging skill level. The problem is, however, that SEO is in such demand these days that it becomes hard for many to learn new areas of the field. For example, many who may be experts in content development and linking would love to learn to use Cold Fusion in a search-friendly manner. Fortunately, SEO is a process that can be very well handled by a team of experts in various areas.

Todd "Stuntdubl" has started a fun thread at SEW Forums titled: "What Top 5 Skills Would You Study to Become a Better SEO?" he describes how in the movie The Matrix, the girl (trinity) learns to fly a helicopter within seconds of downloading the information. he asks people to share what they would like to be able to learn instantly, and gives his examples of the top five things he would enjoy becoming more versed at, including programming and presentation skills.

I am not saying that SEO can not be effectively performed by a single person. Yet there are very few people who can legitimately claim to be experts in all SEO-related areas. Personally, I would prefer to pay $500 an hour for 2 experts at a rate of $250 an hour than for one at the full $500. Anyway, if you wish you could plug-in some instant knowledge, what would it be? Discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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