Google AdSense Black List Revisted

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Last week we covered service The AdSense Black List For Google AdSense. The service has since undergone some scrutiny in the forums and by some bloggers. DigitalPoint Forums has Jenstar linking to a blog entry named AdSense Blacklist? which shows some history about the person who created the list.

The problem is that the person who created the list, reportedly has created MFAs (Made For AdSense Sites) themselves. The very type that should be placed on the blacklist. In addition, sites that the person created was banned for using AdSense. In addition, the person also created sites that are specifically against Google AdSense's TOS.

The beauty of a forum thread is that the accused can defend himself. Emir Pilavdzic, aka owner of had Rod post on his behalf the following message;

Well discussion on this forum made me join, but I still don't have permission to reply to this topic so I'm doing it with help of member "Rod". Thanks Rod!

Ok, first of all, I was very surprised how deep people dugg, and I don't have anything to hide. I am ashamed owner of That site was actually some sort of experiment (made in a name of science) and one of the primary reasons that inspired me to create DirectAsk has never and will never be advertised on AdWords!! So there is no chance you'll see THAT ad running on your google ads! Right now, directask is kind of profitable and intend to use this money into blacklist site development. By doing so I belive I'm doing more good than bad. URL was banned from google adsense becuase of the buzz it has caused by using "AdSense" in URL. Since that's their trademark, they suspended ads on my pages. That's why I'm changing url in next few days (probably and it will be focused on YPN and MSN ad center too.

For banning proof, check this pic if you don't trust me:

Now I don't want to keep Rod waiting to publish this post, but if you have any additional questions, please post them here.

Regards, Emir Pilavdzic

Since then he has made a public note at

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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