Keyword Repetition in META Tags

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Many have heard of the seemingly declining value of the META keyword tag. The consensus seems to be that Google doesn’t use it, and that Yahoo and MSN have limited interest in it. However, the tag is still a tag, and for those who chose to insert it into their code, it may be wise to use it in a manner that will not trip any filters. Although this is an often discussed topic, it still brings out good advice from experts in a variety of Forums.

An interesting thread from last week at High Rankings Forum starts off with a question about a string of keywords and whether or not they are valuable/kosher. After a few posts it was determined that the string was meant for use as a keyword META tag. Some very interesting comments made, particularly Michael Martinez’s statement that “It smacks of desperation and implies a lack of confidence on the site operator's part in the value of their content…”

Arguments for or against using this tag aside, what is considered overuse of a particular keyword within a tag? Some additional discussion about Title tags adds a little bonus to this topic.

See the discussion at Jill’s HighRankings Forum

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