SEO Paintball Event? Black Hats vs. White Hats

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wld031.png I was chatting with the other Andy at the networking cocktail thing and I asked him if he likes paintball (I think we were talking about doh hunting, long story...). He said he loves it. Then I thought a bit longer and said, wouldn't it be fun to have an SEO Paintball event, the white-hats versus the black-hats. :) Now of course, there are tons of folks that consider themselves gray hats but, maybe we have a few games. White-hat versus black-hate, and then grayish-white versus grayish-black. And as I am writing this, what about the engines versus the SEOs?

So right now I am thinking, when would be a good time and where would be a good place.

When & Where: Any time there is a big SEM conferences (SESs or PubCons)

So I will be posting links to several forums below where they can discuss this in greater detail. Then, I'll update you guys on the when and where, and more details. Oh, by the way, I purchase SEOPAINTBALL.COM for this event. Oh, if anyone is interested in helping out with the organization of it or even sponsoring a portion of it, I guess let me know. Not sure if I personally want to organize it, so just let me know.

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Update: Recommended Venues... - Bear Creek Paintball in San Jose.

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