MSN Quick to Index. Quick to Spam?

Nov 2, 2005 • 8:52 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Bing Search

A thread at WebmasterWorld named 8 days to list new pages - impressive! got me thinking. The thread was started by WebmasterWorld moderator Caine, who wrote;

MSN took exactly eight days to list a new set off pages i banged out last saturday, and i will keep a track of whether they crawl and update this quick with other sections that i released on Tuesday and on Friday. Thought G would be first hands down - but they haven't budged - i'm impressed MSN.

In response to that, WebmasterWorld, MSN Forum moderator, Receptional wrote;

Yes, but isn't there a downside for this speed Caine (other than people moaning about bandwidth?) - the downside being that it is much easier to also spam the index - at least in the short term? Now - that's good for you ;) but is it good for them? :)

Hmmm.... I see it all the time in all the forums. MSN Rocks, We love MSN. It loves my sites! I am the most relevant. Yada yada. But who is really winning?

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