AdSense Ads triggered for "New Orleans"

Sep 1, 2005 • 1:28 pm | comments (1) by | Filed Under Google AdSense

I found an interesting display of sponsored listings at Google this morning when I searched the term "New Orleans." As expected, the top ad was Red Cross, with a couple more sprinkled in from various newspapers and other news sources. The two that really caught my eye were one advertising for the hiring of police officers, and the other one suggesting that a better education might help in the light of the disaster (?!?). I can understand the stretch for police officers, given the attitude generated by many pictures of looting and chaos, but the other ad seems to be simply seeking impressions to report, and somewhat distasteful.

I have started a thread at the Instant Position Forum in regards to this, which lists the seven PPC ads I saw, and would welcome comments in here or there about this subject.

My concern is that some of these ads may end up offending people with ties to New orleans. Anyone else feel this way?

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