The Problem with Google AdSense

Aug 24, 2005 • 9:38 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google AdSense

I'll make this simple, one example given below, but many - many other examples are out there.

WebmasterWorld Thread: Google Ads on Neo Nazi site! How?

We recieved an email today informing us that our ad was on a neo-nazi site. We checked the link and sure enough, there it is. This is much to our horor and there is absolutely no way that any content on the site could be remotely construed as being related to our ad. The site is a personal site hosted on so maybe puts google ads out on their sites, but shouldn't they have to try and match content as well?

I emailed google as soon as I found out and have not heard back yet.

Any ideas on how this happened? What we can do to get our ad off and any other action to be taken?

Quality Control. Automation. Quality Control.

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