DigitalPoint Coop Network Becomes More AdSense Like

Aug 24, 2005 • 8:35 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Contextual Ads

A recent change to the DigitalPoint Co-Op Network is making the product more Google AdSense like. The Co-op network is a free way to exchange banner ads (image ads) and text ads with other sites within the network.

The new enhancements give the publishers more control over which ads are shown on the site. Technically, it allows publishers to define the level of static links versus rotating links displayed. Shawn at DigitalPoint said;

But I have been watching other advertising systems (notably AdSense) and how more ads have been static (CPM ads in this forum for example). That coupled with the fact that I have a few sites that I think non-rotating ads would look better cosmetically.

It's 100% for the cosmetics of your site and gives webmasters more control over how they want other people's ads to display on their site. It has zero bearing on how YOUR ads are displayed on other people's sites. You could run 100% static ads for example, and it doesn't make your ads any more (or less) static on other people's sites.

Shawn says he is currently working on a solution to target theme based ads, so the ads can be even more relevant to the Web site. They will not be fully contextual as of yet, but its getting there slowly. Shawn explains; "but it's a MAJOR, MAJOR undertaking with redesigning the weighting system to take that into account. One of these days I will just turn everything off (phone, email, etc.) and bang it out one day."

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