Preview of Yahoo!'s New Paid Listing Program


Danny Sullivan split off a discussion from an old thread, that I would have never found otherwise, and named it Details On New Yahoo Paid Listings System. In that thread, member, shor, talks about a focus group he attended which gave him and others a "preview of the upcoming Y!SMS PPC interface." Shor summarizes what he has learned from that focus group.

Shor's Notes broken down by bullet point: (1) The new interface "looked about 1000x better than the current DTC" (2) "Think Adgroups, multiple creatives, quality scoring - i.e ranks based on max CPC and CTR, much less dependence on the Y!SMS editorial team - in a nutshell, Google reskinned." (3) The ability to type in a competitor or your own URL which would then be crawled for keywords (4) An auto-retrieval + submission of keyword capability (5) And a much more robust keyword tool (6) No longer will we be able to see competitors' bid amounts (7) No longer will we be able to see the bid amount beyond the 10th position (8) Reports to be highly customizable and could be scheduled

Yahoo!Sarah Replies by Bullet Point: (1) Our plan is to begin introducing the new interface early next year. (2) They will continue to improve and fix bugs with the current DTC in the meantime.

Very nice stuff, and no non-disclosure on this information.

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