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Google News is rising in popularity and that means publishers want their content syndicated in Google News, I know I do (Matt???). A thread at Cre8asite Forums named Tips on getting on the Google News homepage asks the member base for advice on how to get your articles featured on the home page of Google News.

This assumes you have been approved for syndication at Google News. After that, Bill Slawski gives his rundown of patents and articles written about this topic. I'll try to summarize the thread here for you.

The most juicy part of the thread is when Bill links to Systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles patent application by some of Google's engineers including Krishna Bharat. Bill summarizes:

One or more metric values based at least in part on at least one of a number of articles produced by the source during a first time period,

- an average length of an article produced by the source, - an amount of important coverage that the source produces in a second time period, - a breaking news score, - an amount of network traffic to the source, - a human opinion of the source, - circulation statistics of the source, - a size of a staff associated with the source, - a number of bureaus associated with the source, - a number of original named entities in a group of articles associated with the source, - a breadth of coverage by the source, - a number of different countries from which network traffic to the source originates, and - a writing style used by the source;

and determining a quality value for each source of the plurality of sources based at least in part on the determined one or more metric values for the source.

But moderator ProjectPHP is most probably right;

Despite what anyone tells you, Google put a lot of editorial control on, and my guess would be that, unless you are triple approved by everyone including Sergey, you will have buckley's of getting on those pages.

It just makes sense to give the New York Times a higher score or bias then this site here.

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