Last Night: YPN Get Together & Google Party

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Last night, I was invited with a few others to a YPN cocktail at some trendy place. Basically, all the YPN decision makers were there, including engineers, management and of course the wonderful PR people. Besides for chatting about normal things like family, weather, origin and so on - we did actually discuss the YPN product (i'll stick it below).

I don't want to get into specifics details about what we talked about, but I will say that these guys are very serious about the product. They understand the publishers needs and wants - as well as the advertisers. I am very excited for what is to come in the near future.


I actually took a cab there from the Yahoo! thing, because I heard the lines were ridiculous to get on the buses to Google. The cab ride was just about $40, but I like to thank Shak and DaveN for sponsoring that ride. We pulled up to the Plex and we yelled out to the security people, "excuse me" but they did not respond. So have trying for a good 60 - 120 seconds to get their attention we decided to just drive right in. We breached security and went in through the backdoor of Google. We walked in from the Google entrance, as opposed to where the SES people came in.

The GooglePlex was packed with SEOs/SEMs, many more people then last time. One good thing is that they did not run out of beer this time. I heard some complaints about the food. Of course, I bumped into many people out there - I rather not name names, because I will leave one or two out. Towards the end, I saw Tim Mayer from Yahoo! and Paul Gardi from Ask Jeeves chatting. I wish you could have been there, it was pretty funny listening to the two go at it. I promised them I would not blog about what was being said, so I won't, but here it a hint of one topic.

Back to SES coverage shortly.

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