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Mikkel deMib Svendsen, SEW Mod - SES Speaker - SEM Industry Leader, created a thread yesterday named Is Yahoo cloaking Yahoo?

Mikkel points to this cached page of Mikkel asks;

What is the relationship between the site above, and - they seem it all be part of some kind of interlinking,redirecting scam project. I haven't spend much time on it yet, but I just wanted to throw it out to all of you. It just dosn't look "clean" say on the website that it has been purchased by Yahoo. on the other side dosn't say anything about Yahoo (and it does look abit on the "adult" side ...). But if you go to for example: (found in the Yahoo index) you are redirected to - allthought the title in Yahoo says

SEOmike replies that a company like Yahoo! should know how to cloak without getting easily caught. He offers, "Yahoo next time please give me a call and consult with me before your next cloak, I'll be glad to make it completely undetectable."

Mikkel further explains that its not the point that they are doing some form of cloaking but rather that;

My only point is just that is amazing how little many of the people INSIDE the engines that are responsible for publishing content knows about their own webmaster guidelines and it makes it very dificult for the rest of us to even consider taking those guidelines serious when they prove again and again that they don't really care - or, are able to live up to it even within their own crew.

It is so true, especially with a company the size of Yahoo! They have many divisions, one division is the search division. They don't always communicate and rarely understand the details of each division. So it is Tim Mayer's responsibility to get to the bottom of this, which he will - "We will look into it and make sure the issue is resolved to abide by our content guidelines," Tim says.

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