Content Remixing = Content Scrapping?

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Jason Dowdell wrote a blog entry named Content Spam Remix.In that entry he talks about content remixing and relates it to content scrapping. I believe the term content remixing comes about from music remixing, where musicians use other musicians art and remix them together to create something new and unique. As you can imagine, there was/is lots of controversy on this topic - and I am the last one to know much about the music industry's take on it.

Content remixing, I believe, is the same but with content. Jason says that smart bots that crawl the Web for content on a specific topic and mix it all together would fall under that category. I believe not so.

Remixing is an art according to all musicians that do it. To automate an art is oxymoronic. A bot can be programmed to perform certain tasks and repeat. That by definition is not art. So in my humble opinion, "content remixing" is not the same thing as scrapping content from a page in an automated fashion. What I do consider to be "content remixing" is the blog community. For example, this entry is referencing Jason's entry. Jason references two or three other blog entries. We all have our own opinion on a topic. We share language, we quote each other but add our own tune, opinion, to the topic. Automation can not accomplish this, if they could - we would be in a world of EPIC 2014.

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