EPIC 2014: Google Takes Over World

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I write this as I watch a video created by Robin Sloan named EPIC 2014. The flash video cleverly depicts a timeline of the growth of the Internet and how Google slowly, but surely develops or purchases technology that is around all the various spectrums of the social Web.

The page reads;

In the year 2014, The New York Times has gone offline.
The fourth Estate's fortunes have waned.
What happened to the news?
And What is EPIC?

"It is never as easy for people to create as well as consume media" the video speaks. Paper is no longer the media of choice (remind you of recent NYTimes news?). "GoogleGrid" brings everything together. Google constructs news stories dynamically. They show how Google grabs content in milliseconds to construct a news story, personalized for every individual. NY Times sues Google for this and Google wins in 2014.


The Evolving Personalized Information Construct.

Everyone in the world contributes to this information construct. EPIC provides personalized news based on your profile.

EPIC is mearly a collection of trivia, most of it untrue. It explains that EPIC is what we wanted but its really not what we wanted. NY Times then goes print only, for the elite.

A very cool video, they even go the TiVo News in there. What ever happened to do no evil. Forum discussion at SEO Chat.

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