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You do not often find someone posting a tool that was built specifically to spam the search engine results at a forum that is widely viewed by search engine reps. Member, JasonD posted a thread at Search Engine Watch named *cough* Spammer Tool? that announces the beta testing of his new spamming tool he named Widget Baiting. Personally, I love the name. He defines Widget Bating as;

Widget Baiting is to construct content with the aim of luring search engine spiders to your widget pages, on your widget site enabling a quality of content to be indexed that if written manually would not deliver a meaningful return on investment. Widget baiting is commonly used by search engine spammers in conjunction with cloaking, although has been known to reduce the time in constructing quality content for real people to read as well.

What does the tool do? You feed it a single page of content, it will then create a hundred or so similar pages with different flavors of those keywords you are targeting. It basically uses some sort of synonym database to replace words on the page with similar words. This way you can quickly create all sorts of landing pages targeting each individual keyword phrase combination. As Jason said "Widget baiting is commonly used by search engine spammers in conjunction with cloaking." Normally, one would want to cloak these pages, so the search engines get them but the end user gets the real page.

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