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SES 2006 Schedule He starts of by saying they are going to have SES in December in Alaska and in August in a really hot place.

Paid Inclusion Turnaround: - Every one was doing Paid Inclusion except Google - Now it is just Yahoo and they still are doing it - Yellow Pages, Audio/Visual and Shopping also offer PFI - In vertical searches, Danny believes that paid inclusion will stick around but not in other areas.

Lawsuites: - Trademark issue is still unresolved; Google is in court now about this. - Even the meta tag law suit is coming back - Click-fraud is a rising concern, even Google says it is - Censorship, copyright, and so on. The industry is still growing and maturing.

Personal Search Arrives: - Eurekster started - But how's that search

Getting Personal - Personal generally meant results reshaped by what you clicked on - Eurekster joined forces with Friendster, that will be interesting - Also there is Search Memory, Search History

Surviving Personal Search - Great Content - Great title tags and descriptions - Grassroots? watching and seeing, multiple fronts will open

Google Dance Syndrome - Last year's Florida largely hasn't repeated but everything is in the sandbox - The dance is gone - Will no doubt continue to have shifts in results

Share of US Searches - Google has shrunk to 45%, Yahoo has grown to 32%, MSN has 15% (they will use their own soon), Ask jumped to 6% and other accounts for 3%.

Shortcuts & Direct Display - Invisible tabs moving forward, with introduction or expansion of "detours" or "shortcuts" (AOL Snapshots, Ask Smart Search, Google OneBox Results, Yahoo Shortcuts) - Web results wont be the only and premier item on the results page, how often do you see Google News, Yellow Pages, Froogle, Definitions at the top. The other day, I saw Google Books.

Surviving Shortcuts - Watch the verticals - Focus on the ones getting promoted - Learn, prepare, aim to do well in those.

Battle of the Desktop - October: Google Desktop Comes out - Yesterday: MSN - Tomorrow: Ask - Jan: Yahoo - AOL Beta

Desktop Search Impact on SEM - They see you again and again and again - Can you measure this impact on the bottom line?

SEM Firms Channel Money - SEM Firms handle 1.3 billion - 50% of est. 2004 spending on paid search (jupiter research) - Search advertising overall recognized as a major industry, especially "media owners" - SEM firms now should get same recognition aren't a "Cottage industry - Danny says Google is a Media company, I heard Google say they do not want to be thought of a media company but rather a technology company. Danny says no, you are a media company.

Evolution of Firms - SEMPO says 74% firms flat fee based - Jupiter says 50% flat-fee based - But what about non paid because SEM firms do both (sempo says)

SEO is Huge - At Least to Firms - SEO = PR; Search Ads = Ads; SEO + Ads = SEM - Outsourced SEM is $380 million (9% of total $4.1 billion industry in 2004 est - sempo) - Money they keep from running paid or organic (47% from SEO, 43% from paid search) - He showed some more SEMPO statistics from last nights data

Search Not Paid Search - Have to understand search is not paid search - Failure to do so means - possible misreading of where SEM firms will go - upsetting firms but not providing support needed on the non paid side

What's Needed - Algorithmic warnings - etc. same slide from San Jose Keynote

He then discusses whats coming up today...

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