Yahoo! Search is Very Important

Sep 1, 2004 • 10:04 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Other Search Engines

For some reason, people assume that the "other search engines" like Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc. are not used. A thread over at JimWorld named Do people still use Yahoo? discusses just that.

A member asks "Everyone seems to use google and I was wondering if it was really worth it to optimize a site for Yahoo?"

Some of the quick responses include: thejenn (JimWorld Admin) said: "Yahoo! currently captures about a third of the search engine market." She then adds, "Also, it's important to remember that until MSN launches their own search engine, they are using the results from Yahoo!'s engine. So, add another 15%-20% marketershare on there for MSN and Yahoo! is covering almost half of the search engine market."

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