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A thread in the private forums at WebmasterWorld discusses how to get a company's press release into Google News.

As mention in this thread, the trick is to give the release to a source that is syndicated by Google News. For example, if you get your press release into PR Newswire, then you can expect your press release to be found in Google News, since Google syndicates PR Newswire. The thread goes into the various sites to submit to and the costs involved. I won't give all the details away, it is a private forum for a reason. But costs can range from $5 to $600 for a single press release.

But how does one get their news site in Google News? Basically all you need to do is email Google News at [email protected] with the suggested site and they will review it. As long as the site has an RSS feed of some type, Google can (if they choose to) syndicate your content. I tried this with this site, but I was rejected. They said:

Thank you for your note. We reviewed this site, but cannot add it to Google News because we currently only include sites that report on recent events. We appreciate your suggestion and will log the site for consideration should our guidelines change in the future.

Regards, The Google Team

I have argued this claim, stating that this site is in fact "recent news." There are actually several news related sites that use this site as a resource to build articles on and those are syndicated by Google News. So I am hoping for a response shortly, that says something to the affect of, "we have accepted your site into Google News".

We will see.

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