Fueling PageRank Before Owning the Domain Name

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A member over at WebmasterWorld conducted a very interesting test on the channeling of PageRank to domain names and URLs that do not exist yet. What he did, in short, was find domain names that were available, he did not buy the domain names. Then he pointed one of his pages, that was already indexed by Google, towards these new domain names. He then waited six weeks and for a PR update to take place, then purchased the domain names and presto, instant PageRank. All of the domain names had a PR3 to a PR5.

The member base then discusses how this test can be applied in real life.

  1. If you regularly add new content to predefined URLs (i.e. page1.html, page2.html, etc.) then you can send links to pages before they have been created. Then the chances of these pages being indexed and rank well will occur at a more rapid pace then if the page did not have PageRank.
  2. Fighting back against the SandBox Theory, you have a client that purchased domain name X. You begin the work on his site, but at the same time, send a link to his site. Then 6 weeks later when the site is ready to be deployed you go live with it. And presto, instant PageRank with a great shot at ranking well quickly.
  3. Possibly send keyword rich anchor text links to nonexistent sites, so when they go live, they rank well.

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