Sandbox Effect Update - Are Sites Climbing Out?

May 13, 2004 • 8:31 am | comments (0) by | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Over at WebmasterWorld and I am sure many other forums, they are discussing how long it took or will take for a site to get out of this "sandbox." One user accounts "This week I find those sandboxed keywords appear in the serps and most of them have very nice positions. I have noticed many webmasters have found their sandboxed keywords come back or appear in the serps."

But the best way to tell if your pages are out of the sandbox is to compare your keyword search with the keyword search plus -fddsffsd -fsdsfdfsdf -fsdfssdff -fsdsdfds -fsdfsdsdf -sdffsdfds -ffffsd. If your rankings are the same, then you are out of the sandbox. In addition, what also seems to be working is typing in the keyword phrase three times, so "keyword phrase keyword phrase keyword phrase" and the results should match "keyword phrase -fddsffsd -fsdsfdfsdf -fsdfssdff -fsdsdfds -fsdfsdsdf -sdffsdfds -ffffsd". This new method of tracking the sandbox effect was found at this post at Cre8asite.

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