Working with Clients After SEO Work Is Done

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In a thread started by Shari Thurow at HighRankings forum, she asks a question that many, many SEO shops run into.

After you conduct a big search engine optimization job on a client's site, the client wants the site back to maintain on their own. Problem is, the client has the potential to 'undo' all the optimization work you implemented without knowing. Besides for the contractual details, how can you make this possibility crystal clear to the client?

projectphp, a moderator at HighRankings, offers what he would do:

1. As soon as any client makes waves about making changes, send a detailed email outlining what errors can occur, why you prefer to maintain sites, and the expected costs to fix things if they are broken. This can be a standard, generic email to save time. If this doesn't persuade them to let you keep maintaining the site, then... 2. Let them maintain the site. If they stuff up, and want to know what happened, refer to your previous email, and point out the costs associated with fixing any errors / problems, and the benefits of continuing to use your services to avoid just these circumstances.

Said very well projectphp.

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