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This is not about privacy issues. This is about how to make the most of your traffic. In a recent blog entry by Kim (Cre8pc) at Cre8asite's New Blog, she discusses Fredrick Marckini most recent article. I am not going to get into the details of the article, if you haven't read it - I will tell you its worth while reading.

Bill Slawski, from the Cre8asite Network, added a nice comment to Kim's post. Which inspired this post about why it is important to gather data on how and where your Web visitors are traveling through your site. Then making the necessary usability and navigational adjustments to your site to get them to where they (you) want them to go. This of course brought me back to my most recent article, which was a review on Urchin's Web Analytics software and how funnel based goal analysis would be the dream analytic for SEMs.

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