Froogle Update - Domain Name Can Ban Site from Results

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Laura Thieme of Bizresearch recently posted a comment to the Froogle integration into SERPS posting on December 13, 2003.

This post just 'WOWed' me enough to give the comment its own blog entry, so here it is:

"February 15, 2004: An update on Froogle. We learned why we were not included in the Froogle database, thanks to Craig Neville Mannings team at Google. Our client, Board Games Express, has a url that has a word that adult filters would limit content from coming through. See the word in the middle of the URL? What a surprise this was! In fact, it turns out that many of our clients' corporate customers have also been unable to visit their web site. This has been fixed by working with various search engines and filters to consider our client's web site "safe". We've now been able to have several clients indexed by Froogle, all of which are performing well. Once Froogle results show up all the time, as they are now inconsistently showing up at the top of Google results, we are likely to have far better performance. Average sales are typically higher from Froogle than other search engine referral sales. We do not, however, have significant traffic from Froogle. That should change in the future."

This was posted by Laura Thieme of Bizresearch.

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