Sick & Tired Of Google AdWords Quality Score

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Google made AdWords famous with their Quality Score component. I am not going to explain what Quality Score is, for that, read here. But advertisers, long time advertisers are becoming really tired of it.

Every few months, it seems like Google continues to add quality metrics to the Quality Score algorithm. At first, Quality Score was based 99% off an ads click through rate, which worked well. But now there are tons of quality instruments, such as landing page, speed, ad copy, URLs and more. For advertisers to rank well, they need to know SEO.

The whole purpose of ads is to pay someone to get your ad in front of potential customers. But what Google is doing is making it hard for advertisers to pay for their ads to show in front of customers. Of course we as searchers don't want spam or harmful ads. Of course, Google wants the most relevant ad and that is how they rationalize the quality score feature. But advertisers want to pay money to get their ad in front of customers, they don't want to hire an SEO to reverse engineer the quality score algorithm in order to allow Google to take their money and show their ads.

A WebmasterWorld thread has advertisers who are simply tired and fed up over this quality score algorithm. WebmasterWorld's Brett Tabke said:

I completely agree. The whole quality score issue has turned into a farce. It is advertising - let people buy it.

Most AdWords advertisers agree, but they have no choice. If you want to be where your customers are, you need to do it. This is why top AdWords consultants do so well. So in a sense, it is job security for AdWords consultants but it does make it hard for new people, with small budgets, to compete.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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