adCenter Quality Score Becoming More Google AdWords Like

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adCenter logoMicrosoft announced yesterday that they are major major changes to the adCenter quality score.

The changes make adCenter's quality score a lot like Google AdWords quality score. The score will be on a 1 to 10 scale, like AdWords. The score will be broken into multiple categories, like AdWords. And the score will have actionable data within the adCenter console, like AdWords.

Microsoft explained:

  • Quality Score will be on a 1-10 scale, and be calculated at the keyword level for each match-type being purchased
  • Scores are designed to represent how competitive your keyword is within the marketplace, with three sub-scores for keyword
  • relevance, landing page relevance, and landing page user experience
  • Actionable guidance will be provided to optimize and improve your quality score
  • At launch, scores will be visible and exportable from the adCenter Web UI, and accessible through adCenter Reporting and Reporting APIs

Here is a screen shot of the interface within the advertising console:

Microsoft adCenter Quality Score

Quality Score is nothing new to adCenter, but breaking it out like this is indeed new for them.

In November 2009, Microsoft advertisers complained of quality score issues, similar to the complaints on Google AdWords. Microsoft even told us they have a quality based ranking factor for their ads. But Microsoft's quality component for search ads dates back to 2007.

Are you ready for the adCenter changes?

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