Google Returns To Yellow Color For AdWords, Goodbye Purple

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adwords colorsGoogle AdWords is like that kid who is always looking for attention. Every few months they change their hair color or dress style. Google has decided to go back to the yellow color only about 6 or so month after switching to purple.

Google confirmed the change telling me, “I can confirm the change, which should be fully rolled out globally by the end of this week on as well as our local domains,” Google told us. Google added, “this is purely an aesthetic change and won’t have any impact on the way we serve advertisements.”

If you see purple still, enjoy it because it is going away very soon.

The history of Google AdWords background colors:

February 2011 - Back To Yellow:

Yellow AdWords

July 2010 - Pale Purple:

Pale Purple Google AdWords Ads

April 2007 - Yellow:

Yellow AdWords from Google

Prior - Blue :

AdWords Blue

Test of Green May 2008:

Google Green Ads and Nav

I assume the color changes ever so often is to get their searchers who are accustomed to certain colors to notice the ads. Ad blindness also applies to search ads and changing colors helps reduce that blindness.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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Attacat Joel

02/10/2011 05:44 pm

Yeh, Google are going crazy with the ad styling tests at the moment, ad blindness must be an issue. Nice you've got a screen grab of each colour though, I couldn't manage that...

Geek Blogger

02/10/2011 05:57 pm

nice caught :) days are not far when will start trying with vivid colors as well , lol !!

Flow Simple

02/10/2011 05:58 pm

Anyone know if the color affects click thru rates?

Anthony J.

02/10/2011 07:20 pm

The green is a little much, I think the yellow color is the best way to separate the paid listings from the organic results.

Adam Marsh

02/11/2011 05:02 am

i think it makes the sponsored ads standout better. should lead to a higher ctr and more $$$ for google.

ugetme jeremy

02/11/2011 11:34 am

Good decision.. Its a good way to access which one is paid or non paid.. University Canada


02/11/2011 07:05 pm

cool..color doesn't matter much to me,as long as i see the difference in between. :)

Gautam Tandon

02/14/2011 07:12 am

but they are only doing it on the title bar... what about the paid ads on the side bar?? ... anyhow.. overalll I think it's a good decision... that way it becomes really clear as to which Ads are paid and also the yellow color is in line with the traditionally paid business Ads like on "yellow pages".... So good decision overall! -GT

Mr Sausage

03/09/2011 09:53 am

Maybe its my new lap top, but my first impressions are that this is bad as the colour is so light, far more people will click on sponsored adverts instead of using the organic search which undermines the SEO industry... no doubt the bidding war is good for Google, but bad for businesses during the recession - I have already tripled my bid.

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