Fake Searches Showing In Your Google Search History?

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Google Web HistoryWe've reported on complaints of Google web history fraud in the past, in fact - it has even helped some moms catch their kids searching for porn. But we know there were examples of Google working with searchers to prevent someone else's history from showing in their search history results.

A new thread at Google Web Search Help has more users coming in and complaining. These searchers are saying it appears to be related to when they conduct searches over their Android devices.

One person said:

I am having the exact same problem. The times for these searches are right after I have done a search on my android phone.

Followed up with another searcher:

Yes! these web searches always only happen after I've done searches on my android phone as well... never when I do web searches on my work computer nor my personal laptop.

Weird, right? How is this tied to mobile Android searches? I am not sure.

A Googler from the Web History team did reply but didn't really answer this specific question. Jonathan McPhie from Google said:

One thing I should note is that we have a known bug whereby changing your password does not prevent your Web History from being recorded in other signed in sessions (for example, if you forgot to logout of a browser on a computer at the library). We have a fix for that in the works and it should be going out soon.

That is good, so if you change your password Google will soon force you to re-login before doing more searches. Good change, I guess. But how does that exactly relate to the above?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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