Yahoo Labeling Some Ads "Official Site"


Let me start off by saying I am not sure if this is new, in fact, I have a feeling it is not - so please let me know when this first came out.

If you search for teavana, staples, turbotax and so on, Yahoo will label the ads by the brand holder, with an "official site" label on the ad.

Here is a picture:

Yahoo Official Site

Keep in mind, Yahoo's search ads in the U.S. are powered by Bing, so this is something extra Yahoo is placing on the ads - above Bing.

Personally, I like this little touch.

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04/11/2011 07:27 pm

I am hearing somewhat conflicting answers to this. My Yahoo rep (who is new ) says this Official Site Badge has been around since the Panama day and is not something advertisers can opt into. Only triggered by trademarked branded keywords. I have also heard this is a beta that Yahoo is not opening to everyone at the moment. Anyone else get clarification on this? Thanks!

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