Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: August 30, 2013

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itunes-subscribe-video.pngThis week in search, I cover that Google has finally killed off their old external keyword tool. Google has not updated their PageRank in the Toolbar for over six months, symbolizing a possible death to PageRank. Google's Matt Cutts issued a quiet warning to ghost spam networks. Google said they receive about 5,000 reconsideration requests per week. Google wants feedback on which small sites deserve better rankings in the search results. Google was told off by a webmaster who claims a link cited as unnatural is purely natural. Google's John Mueller admitted that he is not a magician. Google AdSense added five new font types. FieldTrip is now on Google Glass and so is my How Do I app. Apple Siri and Glass are playing games with each other. Google Apps is now unofficially supported on Google Glass. Google's CEO, Steve Ballmer announced he is retiring from Microsoft. Google had a Doodle for Martin Luther King's 50th anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech. That was this week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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This week in search, I cover that Google has finally killed off their old external keyword tool. Google has not updated their PageRank in the Toolbar for over six months...
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09/01/2013 04:49 am

If page rank is dead, how will Google be sending traffic to sites? Only through adwords? Then SEO is dead too?


09/04/2013 06:29 am

they won't kill off Page Rank. If you recall back in 2010 they only did one update in April and then not again until January 2011 causing everyone to think PR was dead. they know that human nature needs to measure things (you know how men are with those rulers!:) so it's one that'll stay around.

Cyj Andrew

09/06/2013 04:46 pm

Hi there. I've followed your blog for a while, and I have always found it very useful. Thanks for all your hard work. I really like your Weekly Search Buzz recap, although this time round I found it difficult to make out what you're actually saying. Maybe I need to slow down the video speed? :-) Well, I thought I should read the transcripts instead, because you mention some potentially game changing issues in your video. But the transcripts were as difficult to read as the Video was to listen to/watch. Then this: "Google's CEO, Steve Ballmer announced he is retiring from Microsoft". We all know who Steve Ballmer is, so I assume that was a typo... No worries. Personally, I think Page Rank may not go away immediately, but it is certainly declining. If the value that Google places on PageRank goes down beyond a certain level, there may not be any reason for them to keep it around. Google is probably testing a new ranking algo, or something. Hence the "no comment" response. Perhaps co-citation, rather than ranking. Now that would be a game changer. I also think Google is moving toward personal identification and individualization. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. Matt Cutts might think its a good idea, to catch out the "Ghost Network Spammers" with. Who knows.

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