Twitter Too Influential On Google's Rankings?

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Google Twitter LogoWe know both Google and Bing use social signals for rankings, even more so today from when I posted that article. In fact, some are worried it plays so much of a role that expert content will be effected negatively by the growth of social.

In any event, some webmasters at WebmasterWorld are suggesting that Google, since Panda, has turned the dial up on how much influence tweets from Twitter play in ranking content in Google.

One user said:

I just noticed that google is giving more weight to Twitter (the backlinks you may get from twitter) since Panda. So if your site gets tons of tweets you're likely to rank.

I think he is confused because most of those backlinks are discounted. It is more of Twitter's signals outside of a backlink, which in a sense are kind of like backlinks. Hope that makes sense, if not, ask in the comments.

GoodROI, long time moderator at WebmasterWorld agreed, saying:

I have noticed that Google is paying attention to url mentions in Twitter also. My analysis showed that Twitter was just a small part of a very big Google algorithm that looks at many different other elements.

In any event, we know Google is looking at social for ranking signals but is it enough to make a huge ranking difference? I am not sure. Is it too much to be too influential on Google's rankings? I am not sure.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/27/2011 01:30 pm

If you're interested in case studies of the impact of Twitter on SERPs, take a look at at mine...

Nick Stamoulis

05/27/2011 02:59 pm

It might be that Google is looking a little harder at Twitter because of the Google-Bing integration. Google doesn't have access to Facebook like Bing does (and I don't think Mark Zuckerberg is looking to change that anytime soon), so they have to pull the social signals in from other sources. However, I don't think that expert content will suffer because of social search signals.

Michael Martinez

05/27/2011 04:19 pm

The Twitter Effect has been noted by many people.  At SMX West Matt Cutts said that relatively few Twitter links are given much weight by Google but that other sites picking up Tweets and republishing them may be adding to the overall value that any link receives from a Tweet. The increased visibility can certainly lead to other people reading an article or viewing a product and then linking to the site.  None of this discounts what people are seeing.  It's just that some Twitter Effects may have more impact than others.


05/27/2011 04:30 pm

I have even noticed that actual tweets are being indexed and used in the SERP's. Pretty cool if you ask me!


05/27/2011 04:32 pm

I've had (new) sites rank (well) from Tweets alone. It mostly seems like a short term gain, though.


05/27/2011 04:57 pm

Well there is a very direct correlation between number of visitors and number of links. More traffic means more links, which of course means better rankings. There's no denying that more tweets generates more traffic, so it may not even be the tweets affecting the rankings so much as the increase in visitors which brings new links.

Alkaline water

05/27/2011 08:36 pm

I agree with Nick Stamoulis. I don't believe expert content will be negatively affected as long as integrate it with your social media. If you use twitter or facebook as a greater outlet for your expert content then that would only be beneficial for it.


05/27/2011 11:46 pm

precisely - i have seen this as well

Cool Music

05/28/2011 07:53 am

Social networking will have a great influence on searches because many people use Facebook and Tweeter and Google is always thriving to maintain its leadership.

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05/29/2011 09:47 am

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05/30/2011 09:06 am

Yes You are Right!! Google is now giving more weight and value to twitter and friend feed Urls as well.. Social Media is all set to play the vital role after Panda Update..

Ravind Sandhu

05/30/2011 04:28 pm

great article here RE twitter google influences

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05/31/2011 12:14 pm

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