Social Optimization: Your Content Or Yourself?

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socialThere is an interesting conversation going on at Cre8asite Forums about your clients participating in social networks and the importance of that.

The given is that social is growing in importance, as it related to search rankings either indirectly and in the future, directly.

The bigger question in the thread is, do you yourself need to be active in social or does your content need to be socially appealing? The easy answer is both.

But like EGOL said in the thread, not everyone who writes the outstanding content is able to participate within social networks. People are disinterested, too busy, confused or unable to be part of the social networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and others.

Does that leave them at a disadvantage or can the content make up for it.

EGOL wrote:

Although I don't embrace social with my time my website gets a lot of traffic from Facebook, Stumble, Pintrest and especially the TIL part of Reddit. My visitors take my content to social for me because they want to share it with others. It works nicely. Other people do the jobs that I don't want to do and I don't have to pay them. That's how things are supposed to work IMO. It is more genuine to let it happen that way rather than hiring a shill to do it for you.

Indeed but if there is a conversation going on at the social network and if you are not there, that can be an issue. Of course, also, building your own authority outside of your own web site, then as you share content, it just helps spread that content through the network - that also is natural.

What is your take on this?

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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Adam Heaton

01/06/2014 01:57 pm

See this kind of relates to my point in one of your other stories about building links. If people are sharing across the web on social sites, they should benefit a sites rankings just like link building.

Alexander Hemedinger

01/06/2014 02:04 pm

Agreed,again it's something Google wants to focus on. Not only something new but something exciting as well. Popularity can be monetized by looking at the shares, likes, etc. If Klout has an algorithm already then there should be something Google is looking at. What I also noticed is how quickly Google indexes my blog since some are popular than others, but since it's a Google product I am sure that helps the speed and Authorship of course. I continue to test ways to see how something ranks better than others. I am glad somewhat people are going to use social media as a need instead of a "hey let's just do this cause..." I for seen this years ago and glad social media is picking up.


01/06/2014 04:25 pm

I don't agree with EGOL, he comes across as pompous in that post. In my opinion the personal touch is nice and gives people more to relate to, for better or worse. I think its reassuring when a brand/ company is actively engaging their audience, that doesn't mean I neglect content. I try and excel with both.


01/06/2014 04:56 pm

i hate any social networks, unsecure, lot of monitoring, strange peoples, etc.

Yogita Aggarwal

01/07/2014 02:52 am

Though I am not much active on social sites i am getting decent amount of visitors from there. . but if i would be an active member i can expect a huge traffic for my blog as compare to search engines.


01/07/2014 04:37 am

Even i am going to start social network now these days as per market trends and have got so much engagement on my tweets as well as network.

Subhash Prajapati

01/07/2014 08:13 am

Today, social media network is growing industry. If you can regular participate on social media network or contribute on social network groups. It will help increase your website traffic.

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