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SISTRIX logoYesterday we reported the SearchMetrics report on the Google UK release of the Panda/Farmer update. I covered some of the confusion on the accuracy of the report.

Well, SISTRIX just released their report which basically backs up the SearchMetrics and removes any doubt of the findings.

Here is the SISTRIX Report:

#DomainChangeSISTRIX (before)SISTRIX (after)# KWs (before)# KWs (after),3735,43381.271139.687,4525,65267.785116.644,9620,96153.10672.996,9223,40156.63089.611,3526,99206.29095.460,0115,43125.17361.286,9814,85175.63270.548,169,41186.02085.507,6410,3894.31040.864,688,1966.86239.633,674,23117.12638.357,389,18109.90768.540,788,1079.53338.444,547,4343.27218.451,024,3594.36246.954,635,13127.93564.369,545,2455.49638.064,983,5775.01929.806,354,3171.17836.270,434,3961.60841.401,424,3642.85920.278,033,7951.55229.224,353,9552.10322.584,804,7222.77110.803,063,7635.80214.990,262,5791.42948.428,733,32132.401102.132,122,3540.46620.822,092,5671.72540.566,502,8733.30221.130

For all the studies, the ones done in the UK and the US earlier, see:

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04/14/2011 04:25 pm

I've noticed a few drops for some competitor sites that were heavy into using links from some of the article sites for their rankings (in quite a small nieche), although google seems to have allowed others who are outright buying links to stay in the serps...


04/15/2011 07:35 am

What WN.COM is a actual site i thought it was a scraper.

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