Only 14% Of SEOs Trust Google

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SEO Trust GoogleLast week I ran a poll asking SEOs if they trust Google.

We have over 500 responses in and I wanted to break it down for you.

Most SEOs do not trust Google, many sometimes trust them but most never fully trust them.

  • 14% Trust Google
  • 46% Sometimes Trust Google
  • 35% Never Trust Google
  • 5% Don't Know

I don't think these results would shock anyone.

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Disclaimer: Please see my poll disclaimer post before coming to any conclusions on these results.

This post was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today.

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Ashraful Ayan

05/28/2012 12:37 pm

This is gross, The sailors of big G logo ship can barely reply, This is what Google game to to their employes? i mean directly or indirectly webmasters are also Google employ.....


05/28/2012 02:02 pm

Bary, is your website title SEroundtable or SEOroundtable ? Why so many attention to SEOs ? Who cares, if they trust Google ? They have there space on WW, where they can cry and hate and blame. Why spread this all over ? SEOs are an internet past. Make your website for the modern web-producers. I believe most of them have nothing to do with SEO, at least lately.


05/28/2012 02:18 pm

Your comments entertain me.


05/28/2012 02:35 pm

Stay tuned )

Jill Whalen

05/28/2012 03:47 pm

Trust them for what?

Arjun Yadav

05/28/2012 06:51 pm

"Make your website for the modern web-producers" I am intrigued by the idea. Could we have some more details in this regard?


05/28/2012 07:14 pm

@da83ddbe81e37e166b4c71448c4de4ab:disqus Have you ever think to spread think kind of thing or have u spread this kind of social awareness? if you did there is no argue for this but if u don't then think twice before giving ur unwanted review


05/28/2012 07:26 pm

Hey Bary, Google enjoys 80% of Global Search Market, Almost a Monopoly and the Main Bread & Butter is ' Google Adwords ', The major revnue generator.


05/28/2012 07:45 pm

Idea, details ... what next ? promotion ? brand creation ? Sorry man, you have to do your homework by yourself )

Fede Einhorn

05/29/2012 02:10 am

SE must always measure some factor to determine rankings. So any new method to rank they may invent, there will be SEO people behind optimizing for that. As long as SE exists, SEOs will do too.


05/29/2012 03:24 am

That's a very good question!


05/29/2012 09:07 am

My 10+ years online experience doesn't confirm this statement.


05/29/2012 10:27 am

are you a recruited link baiter agent?


05/29/2012 10:28 am

what do You want to say ...Anti- seo...Do you want to create your own algo like google....


05/29/2012 10:28 am

lol true :)

Ismael Verón

05/29/2012 11:28 am

very easy to figure this out: the 14% that trust Google is the group that did not get hit by Panda or Penguin (by the way, thanks Google for making me hete these 2 beautiful animals)

Arjun Yadav

05/29/2012 03:28 pm

This is homework.. :D


05/29/2012 06:35 pm

"SEOs are an internet past". I earn +10k monthly with internet past. You must be very rich with your internet future. Congrats!


05/29/2012 11:28 pm

India ??


05/29/2012 11:34 pm



05/29/2012 11:34 pm



05/29/2012 11:34 pm


Nitesh Ahir

05/30/2012 08:12 am

why dont???? & why we do.... but need to know that... who is getting business & who is not...

Seo in the Philippines

05/31/2012 06:12 am

well there are lots of search engine and but i think Google is the best SE today

The launderer

07/20/2012 07:49 pm

according to my adwords account I have had this search term throwing up impressions 10 times " 120w akt solar panel kit with 10a charge controller and wires complete kit for a 12v system eg in a caravan boat or outhouse " resulting in 3 paid for clicks. Now 1 search with such a random choice of words I can accept but 10 and 3 seperate clicks not a chance. They have a system that allows them to charge whatever they want and unless you want to cancel you can do nothing about it. I have a campaign set up so that clicks can only come from a restricted geographic area and searching adwords suggests its working. Inerogating paid searches on analytics shows completely different results and google adwords staff never explain this properly. I reckon 30% of clicks I pay for are like google stealing my money.


08/19/2012 02:23 pm

for nothing

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