Poll: SEOs, Do You Trust Google?

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Trust GoogleCommunication, transparency and outreach by Google is at an all time high but it feels as if trust between SEOs and Google is at an all time low.

Maybe I am wrong but the more I read the discussion forums, the more I go to conferences, the more Google shares, the less SEOs trust Google. At least that is how I perceive it.

This pops up in the forums all the time, several times a day. In fact, the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has one SEO saying:

If you trust what Google says today, you're just setting yourself up to be burned in the future. Beware!

This is then followed up by Tedster, the WebmasterWorld administrator, as saying:

Also, if you trust what other webmasters and bloggers THINK Google is saying today, you may also be setting yourself up to be burned.


We covered normal Google users trusting Google less and we discussed the concept of why you shouldn't trust Google.

So please take my poll, do you trust Google? Personally, I do more than ever but what about you?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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