Can Low Cost SEO Firms Service High Cost Client Bases?

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A Search Engine Watch Forums thread has a German based SEO individual asking if it is possible to move your SEO operation to a low cost country (he names Thailand) while continuing to service customers based in high cost countries?

He wants to know if you can run an SEO company in Thailand and service clients in Germany, the UK or the United States?

I personally know many companies that do so - they can offer their services at the same high prices, enjoy lower cost of labor and still acquire some high end clients in high cost locations. I also suspect many of those companies have "offices" in the high cost locations as well, but keep most of their operations in the low cost locations.

So the question below is, can you have all your operations (sales, marketing, operations, technical, etc) in a low cost country and still service high cost country clients?

Take my poll below:

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Clicks Internet Mktg

02/16/2011 11:53 pm

if you want a garbage SEO company.

Clicks Internet Mktg

02/16/2011 11:54 pm

also, these types of polls make me not want to read your blog.

Barry Schwartz

02/17/2011 12:18 pm

Hey, all I do is cover discussions in forum threads. I thought the question was unique - hence why it is here. Sorry if it bothered you.

seo company

04/07/2011 11:13 am

There are lots of SEO techniques out there but really none of them have any validity unless they have good content to work with. Basically, keep your site updated with compelling content and then start thinking about SEO. You want to keep your site as legitimate as possible as engines like Google can blacklist you so thinking that there are magic tricks out there to improve your rankings is false. Start with orginal, compelling content then once amassed, start thinking about techniques that can ASSIST in improving rankings.


06/24/2011 02:07 pm

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marketing consultant adelaide

08/04/2011 12:59 am

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dubai marina

09/06/2011 03:26 am

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07/08/2012 04:02 am

It depends. Although there are some SEO companies that offers a huge cost on their services that there clients can be so sure to have a good traffic in Google. This information is interesting. I should be looking forward to this.


07/10/2012 03:06 am

I think this is possible as long as you will provide them quality works that they will love.


11/01/2012 01:19 pm

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SEO Adelaide

11/19/2012 11:29 pm

maybe it is possible to relocate your SEO operation into a low cost country while continuing to provide service to costumer based in high cost country. What matters most there is you will give your clients a good quality service.

Alberto Miachell

12/06/2013 10:20 am

Cost is very important factor in SEO industry. In UK, US, Australia and other developed countries, SEO services are available at very high rates. Other smaller or less developed countries have SEO companies who are providing such services at very low rates. It is bit hard for high cost SEO firms to deal with low cost countries.

Laurence Porter

03/24/2014 02:19 pm

Very interesting thread I have been working in Thailand selling SEO and managing campaigns for the last 8 years but not to the Thai market, our clients are from the UK and Australia mainly. However I have recently joined a company working in Chiang Mai and I have set up a brand called Three Fat Fish to see if we can sell any web design and SEO services to the business in Thailand, its a bit of an experiment but I am interested to see what happens.

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