More Searchers Seeing Google's New Top Bar

Jan 4, 2012 • 8:41 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

I've been seeing more and more reports from around the search space of searchers now seeing the new Google top bar. This began rolling out back in November but not everyone has it yet, including myself.

A WebmasterWorld thread has some users saying they are now seeing it.

Here is what it looks like if you do not see it yet:

Google Bar

So if you start to see it soon, don't be surprised - more and more users are getting this new design, which is over a month old now.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Jomar Pandan

02/08/2012 03:00 pm

I'm getting irritated with Google. Language is back to Tagalog, and I can't find the button to reset it to English. Good if it was Kamayo, 'cause I'd be proud. Google, being a foreign company, thinks all Filipinos are accustomed to reading and writing in "Filipino". Please! it's HARD for a Kamayo like me — and no doubt Bisayas too — to read technical terms in long complicated Tagalog words. Can anybody affiliated with Google tell them that the Philippines has over 80 languages — many of which are dying due to Tagalog dominance — and not every Filipino is fine to have to deal with Tagalog words beside the scroll bars and buttons on their screen, when they are easier understood in English?

Thegeek 101

02/11/2012 12:24 am

FYI, google has canceled the release of the Google Bar you picture in this Article. They have decided to revert back to the old and horrible Black Bar at the top, with a few changes; which do not make up for the Black Bar

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