Google Stair Case With Search Trends

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Google Stair Case With Search Trends

Paul Goldston from Reload Media was at Google Engage the other day and snapped a picture of the stair case at the event. This stair case was outfitted with search trends scrolling through each stair.

Google Engage is for advertising agencies to go to Google's headquarters in Mountain View and connect with Google about ad products and services.

As you can see from the picture, Google is streaming search trend data right into the stair case.

Paul uploaded this picture on Google+.

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08/14/2013 12:15 pm

That is pretty cool; got to love technology making everyday activities (climbing the stairs) into something interesting and nice to look at. How weird must it be for the first person to come across a significant event based on the staircase?


08/15/2013 02:10 pm

Wow! I love this ... It really shows that there are new trends with with each step we take :) Though it seems it is a very strange way to spend the funds - this could be a CSI project for schools and other educational facilities.

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