Google Halfpipe

Apr 10, 2012 • 8:00 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Photo Of The Day

Google Halfpipe

Here is a picture of Brett Crosby, co-founder of Urchin, now Google Analytics, learning how to run on the Google Halfpipe. Brett is a surfer, so maybe this isn't too far off. He is also a great guy.

I am not sure, but I think Google has a halfpipe in their offices.

The pictures are on Google+.

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Peter Leshaw

04/10/2012 12:58 pm

I would imagine that Google does indeed have a halfpipe in their office which would go along with their new branded knee, elbo, and wrist pads.  If you look closely in one of the photos you will notice Google's logo on the straps.  I actually bought a pair last week when I saw them in the Google store.  I needed them for longboarding.

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